When you need to make a pallet delivery you may initially think that all the companies offering this service give you the same sort of price and quality. However, this is not the case and doing some research into the main differences could prove highly profitable to your business. Here are some of the top features to look out for before making your choice:

1. Next day delivery – This can make a huge difference to urgent orders, and if the service you choose offers a next day collection option and a slower, economy service then you will be able to choose the one which best suits your needs for every single transaction. The cheaper delivery option will probably mean that it will take around 3 days to arrive, which is perfectly acceptable in a lot of cases, and doing it this way will save you some money on routine consignments.

2. Insurance – This might sound obvious but there are some pallet delivery firms which won’t include this in the price. It might mean a slightly cheaper deal but it also puts your goods at risk with no back up in the event of an accident.

3. Coverage – It is essential that you check that the firm allows collection from and delivery to the necessary locations before you place your order. Some companies cover all parts of the UK and Ireland as well as Europe but not all do so.

4. Secure payment method – Being able to pay skid shipping for your order online with a secure method using a facility such as PayPal or safe credit card payment is the best way to pay without risks or hassle.

5. Tail-lift service – If you don’t have a fork lift truck either at the pick-up or delivery point then you will need to find a pallet delivery firm which offers this service for getting the goods onto or off the vehicle. If you are lucky you won’t be charged for this additional service but you will need to advise that it is necessary when you make your booking.

6. Clear pricing structure -The price should be based upon the collection and delivery postcodes and the dimensions of the pallet. A site which lets you get an instant, no obligation quote without having to register or call them is a good idea, as you can try out a few different quotes until you find the one which best suits your needs. It also means that you can get quotes in advance and be prepared for the time when you need them.

7. Empty pallet – Of course, if you don’t have a pallet on which to place the goods to be transported then you will want to be sure to find a pallet delivery firm which offers you the chance to use one of theirs. You should expect to be charged a little for this but it shouldn’t be an excessive fee and it certainly works out cheaper and a lot less hassle than getting hold of your own pallets.

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