Thinking about having a carwash fundraiser to raise those much needed funds for your child’s nonprofit group, club, youth group, team or even Boy Scouts – well you might want to rethink that plan. Why, you ask? Well some cities out West are trying to ban car wash fundraisers and even prevent people from washing their own car in their own driveway. Its true.

Why on Earth would the authorities want to do that? Well there are serious water shortages in some areas, we call them droughts, but that is not the only problem, they wash water run-off into the storm drain is said to be polluted. You know soap and stuff, a car wash owner in Washington State even paid for a special research study to try to prove that it killed fish?

The car wash business is alive and well, the Car detailing services operators need to focus on customer service, competent trained labor and water saving equipment, not attack the non-profits in the community. There is plenty of money for everyone, without playing that environmental card.

Thanks goes to the Wall Street Journal Author who is taking this controversial topic to a whole new level, and some nonprofit moms say:

It is good to see the debate raise to a higher level, because we should not be shutting down car wash fundraisers that ends up hurting the entire village which is trying to raise our children. We cannot have it both ways.

Learn more about the environmental issues of car wash fundraisers and the competitive issues of the fixed site car wash owners who do not want you to wash your car in your own driveway:

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