Clear substitutions or complements? Many people may argue that they are actually substitutes, however after researching both techniques for nail preservation and improved cosmetic appearance we come to the conclusion that these two techniques actually complement each other.

Our physical appearance plays a very important roll within the social circle we interact with. People form a mental image of use based on our looks. If we are messy and have ugly/dirty looking nails most people would conclude that we do not follow basic hygiene steps to ensure good appearance; if on the other hand we keep a sharp look as well as attractive-well polished nails the people we meet are most likely to accept us as clean individuals with a pleasant appearance. Common social occasions which arise during summer time force us to show our nails, going to the beach, the pool, public parks, etc. are all good examples.

Nail appearance not only plays a role in shallow social interactions but in our personal, professional and intimate life as well, this is why we must use products to improve the appearance of our nails and keep them healthy at the same time.

Nail Gel – Healing Products:

A common (but effective) product used to improve the appearance of discolored nails is called Nonyx nail gel, there are many substitutes to this product however we will use this one as an example. Nail gel is used to clear out discolored nails due to keratin build up under them. If you have yellow looking nails, dark nails and such the cause may just be concentration of keratin. Applying this gel over the nail and under the nail in the affected areas can restore the natural look of the nails.

After you have healed your nails you can then proceed to the next step, nail polish.

Nail polish is also referred to as nail varnish, unlike the gel nail process the thin layer or liquid applied to the nail is meant to protect it as well as improve its appearance. There are several products in the market designed to improve the look of your nails and give them a natural glossy look.

Gel Nails:

This step is not to be confused with the first one (nail gel – healing method). Gel nails are are made of acrylics (or gels) in order to extend the size of the natural or artificial nail, the application of gel makes them stronger. It is said that learning how to make them is easy but mastering the technique takes a lot of practice which is why we have nail technicians with years of experience in this fine art.

Learning how to heal and improve the appearance of your nails is critical if you want to have a good social life, learning more about products which help you keep them in great shape is not all about vanity but health and aesthetics.


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