Let’s face the fact, it’s not easy to sell your music and make money especially when you are an independent musician, not because you are not a good musician but may be because you do not know the way to sell and market yourself properly. Ten years ago this statement might not be true but with the ease of digital music creation (thanks to I-tunes and internet technology), and each day thousands of independent musician adds up to the wagon increasing more complexity and competition for you.

Singers can consider their careers successful when they have landed a contract with the big boys of the recording industry. Unfortunately, many singers will never see this level of success because they don’t know the simple keys. So what does this mean for an independent artist like yourself? Do you want to throw the flower vase at a mirror and break it into pieces like your dream to become successful shattered after all the hard work you did went in vain and not made you any money or fame, do you want to feel like you are not worth it just because some other musician is much more talented then you and got way with your luck and fame or you just want to sit there and make yourself feel miserable that all this work didn’t work out as you expected it would.

NO WAY if you do not learn to love yourself and believe in yourself you will never make it anyway, the first and the foremost key to be successful is to believe in yourself and fight till the last breath left in your body. As the saying goes “Survival of the Fittest”.

Speaking practically there is an endless number of cats and dogs out there – just like you – who want to make this music thing happen bad. I mean really bad. And by now you already know that it’s a jungle out there either you eat others or others will eat you up for dinner, So if you’re heart isn’t 100% in it then you’re just wasting your time and you may as well pack it in now. If you have read this article till here then you are still with me…GOOD, So let’s move on.


Do you know your NICHE: Before you start Marketing yourself you need to know who and what is your niche, you need to know what kind of people like your music is it the younger crowd or is it the party crowd, you need to know all the information about your listeners and the people who are interested in your music about their age, occupation, sex, fashion it is very important for you to know about your people and your fans and what makes them tick, ultimately it is them who is going to decide whether to dump you or hail you.

The best way to find your NICHE is to play your music at local clubs it is from there you can make out what kind of music make people groove to your tunes. Don’t be shy you have to be a social as you have ever been, make friends with DJs, Dancers and other people with the same interest as yours, as it is them who will help you out in being successful. People will tell you straight whether they liked your singing or music more take their feedbacks very seriously plan and work accordingly.

As I know a friend who is a talented musician and a singer who has developed his own unique persona, trust me this guy is so social he would make people dance to his music whether they like it or not because he makes people so much involved in his music and songs that people start liking it.


Build your Online Presence: Internet is one of the most powerful means to communicate and make your presence felt by the world. Build a website with your BIO and displaying your music on it. So that people visiting your website get a feel what you are and what your music is really like.

Make full use of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut so that people of similar interest connect with you at all stages and also which gives a great opportunity for you to build up your fan base. Create a Landing Page African Music Streaming Platform, landing page presents information that is relevant to the visitor. These can display text, images, dynamic compilations of relevant links, or other elements. Work up your Blog and write interesting articles about your shows your promos and things you do as people like gossip that’s the best way to make people get you heard.


Make SALES: Once you build a certain repo in the market, its time to make some sales, first get your music and work licensed and copyright from appropriate authorities. Create a payment system on your website where people can buy online you can also use third party payment acceptance system, but get ready to share some chunk of your sales. Make use of affiliate marketing programs which can be used to boost your music CD sales. Set up an I Tune account and upload your music there as it a heaven for music lovers around the globe. Send newsletters to your fan list promoting your music and give them special discounts if they buy your music or songs, always try to make a constant approach in increasing your fan list. Submit your site URL to all major search engines including Google, if you have a little budget in your hand try to shoot a music video to upload on YouTube.com as it can generate lots of potential leads and fans for your music.


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