The clogging removal should be started on first suspicions that the drain is obstructed. This article will relate how to combat with drain clogs on ones own.

Practically all sorts of sanitaryware have one common shortcoming by way of frequent obstructions. So, if the drain clogging occurred in the living space the most likely culprit of the obstruction is either the sewer pipe itself or the flushing valve of one of the sanitaryware items.

Use of the plunger for clogging clearance

First of all sewer clearance should be performed by means of a plunger that helps quite often to get rid of the clogging without taking some additional measures.

Method of obstruction removal by means of the plunger:

Clogged sanitaryware system is to be filled up with water to the level covering the water drainage outlet and the rubber cap of the plunger. Dubai sanitaryware

In the case of clogging of the kitchen sink, bath or other sanitaryware item which have special outlets for water flow when pouring too much, these outlets should also be plugged to eliminate air inflow.

The outlet which needs clearing is to be covered by the rubber cap of the plunger, and then, by means of rhythmic pressure on the handle of the plunger, one tries to achieve water propulsion together with the trash, which caused clogging, through to escape canals of the sewers, and, consequently, the water and the trash should leave through to the drainage. This operation needs repeating more than once for the purpose of complete clearance of the draining part.

After the clearance the water flow outlet is to be closed by a rag and the cleaning reservoir should be filled up with hot water to the brim. After that the rag is taken out. This is done with the view of additional cleaning of the sewer.

Use of the rope for fighting with sewer obstruction

There are special ropes for clearing the drain which serve for removal of the obstruction from the sewer, but one can use an ordinary steel wire.

The procedure of sewer pipe clearance:

  • The flushing valve of the clogged pipe is taken off, and then one end of the rope or wire is put in. The other end is rolled in a circlet for handy grip;
  • Rope forward-and-back movements are performed for clearing the pipe;
  • Besides, for more accurate cleaning the rope is occasionally revolved in one direction only without being advanced in the tube;
  • From time to time the rope needs pulling out for removing filth from it, whereupon the stated operations are repeated till complete elimination of the obstruction.

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