The long sleeve crew neck is so versatile that it may be worn to create many looks. The formal look with a blazer is one that may be worn if formality is not required. Wearing the crew neck with casual slacks can be great for the informal look while still looking nicely dressed. The pairing of this shirt with different slacks will allow you to achieve the look that is needed.

One of the best things about the Long Sleeve T-Shirt is the adaptability which creates exactly the look for which you are looking. The choice of these shirts can be either for summer or winter. The benefit of being thin enough for summer wear as well as layering for winter wear is one that you will appreciate. If you are enjoying a lazy day, a short sleeved shirt may be worn over the long sleeve crew neck and removed if it becomes too hot.

The long sleeve crew neck is now available in many different colors. Where the look was once one of neutral colors, you will find now many can be purchased in colors that are bright and some even have patterns. They are worn by men and women and even children. The long sleeve crew neck is adaptable to any occasion. The look can be casual for the informal meeting or a day out on the town.

The casual look still shows that the wearer is concerned with how they look. It is not a sloppy or unkempt look. It does not lack the sophistication that many people find is a must even when they are not formally dressed. This is just an all around good shirt to wear no matter where you may have to go or see. The teenagers are even getting into the look of the long sleeve crew neck with screen print designs. This is really an informal look but another aspect of this type of shirt.

With the prevailing use of school uniforms today, many students are wearing this shirt under the typical uniform polo shirt especially in the winter. They help to keep them warm and they look great. White can basically go with anything and parents are buying the long sleeve crew neck for their sons and daughters alike.

Most of these shirts are made from cotton and are easy to care for – all you have to do is wash them and put them in the dryer for a few minutes. They are also being made with a longer length to allow them to be tucked in easier. Some have ribbed necks and others are just plain. A variety of sizes are available up to the 2x and 3 xs.

If you are looking for the perfect shirt to help temper your dress to a more decent look instead of baggy camp shirts that do not fit correctly you can purchase a long sleeve crew neck and be right in style. This shirt has been around for a long time and probably will continue to be the right choice for many when a neater and more sophisticated look is needed.

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