The other day I got a message from an old friend asking me to help out with choosing a career. I decided to write this article so it could help anyone who is saying,

I need help deciding what career to choose.

Deciding to choose a career is like making the pavement to lead the life in the desired way. But finding the right help in deciding a career path can prove to be a challenge.

Usually students come from one of the three groups: science, arts and commerce. That is when they categorize them in these; they pick up the kind of field they like to work in. So many resources are there to choose from.

Nowadays rather than choosing a job for life, choosing the field to work in is more meaningful. At first you will need to know what you like for yourself. Data in Internet sites, libraries, job support groups, booths of different government and nongovernmental organizations, career Resume whisperer, trade associations, friends and familiar persons etc. are useful in this regard.

Career help can also be available from those who recruit, executive coaches, industrial groups etc. Apart from these, networking clubs, local nonprofit organizations, college or alumni career centers and temporary agencies also offer help.

Nowadays very useful resources are the Internet job sites and career portals. Here anyone can register for free. These sites offer great tools that can help you discover your strong points and weaknesses. They also offer mentors and guidance through various means. In fact you can even send direct messages to some professors and tell them, “I need help deciding what career to choose” or say something like, “help me choose a career” and you will be surprised at the responses you will get.


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