I remember a good few years ago when I used to work for a Bank and we held a carwash day to raise funds for “Children in Need”. It did really well and it made me think that this could be a good fundraising idea for schools or clubs. It was organised very well with an email sent to all staff notifying them, posters in the canteen and notice boards so everyone was aware.

On the day of the event a carwash team were waiting in the car park as employees arrived at work. It was held on a Friday which was also dress down day and employees paid one pound to wear casual clothes. This was a very successful fundraising event and I can’t remember exactly how much was raised and how much the team charged for a Car cleaning, but I think three to five pounds is a reasonable charge.

Schools and Clubs looking to raise some money should hold a carwash event. A school will probably have to hold the event on a weekend so not to interfere with lesson time and it would probably work better on the same day as the summer fete or similar is being held, as visitors will be attending the school anyway. Visitors can park their car and enjoy the fete whilst their car is being washed in the car park.

If your school is in a busy location near a busy road then you might just be OK to hold a carwash event on its own.

Plan the Carwash by producing flyers and send them home with the children. If you are a club then posters up in your club house and advertise your event on your website and Facebook page if you have one. Establish your team of carwash volunteers and you’re ready to go.

This will work well in a school or club that has a good car park. Place a welcome carwash banner on the entrance and have a few people standing on the entrance to coax cars in and take payments.

Planning a fundraising event takes dedication and time and organised well the carwash fundraising event could be very successful.

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