Whosoever said sunglasses were protectors from ultraviolet radiation must have corrected their statements before, for ever since, they have increasingly been used by celebrities and commoners alike as fashionable eyewear.

Skiing, climbing, hiking and snowboarding have always demanded participants wear polarized sunglasses for men of appropriate specification to protect their eyes from the glare which has immediate and long term adverse impacts.

Buying Suitable Sunglasses

Buying clubmaster sunglasses for recreational purposes calls for more critical examinations and some fundamental selection criteria in the mind amongst others, than you would have in a normal case. That the tinted lenses used must not distort color and contrast for visual clarity and that they must protect the eyes from UV radiation and the recently discovered ‘high energy visible light’- HEV.

Switch over to the actual buying scenario now. You don’t want to compromise on the vision front. Don’t hesitate to choose from reputable manufacturers. Smith sunglasses, Oakley sunglasses, Julbo and Spy Optic are well known for research based manufacturing.

Buy glasses that are light weight, they don’t sense like you are wearing sunglasses at all.
High altitude and snow sports need 100% UV protection and above 90% visible light reduction through lenses. So check for lens ratings; higher the rating, better is the protection. A rating of 4 is alright, 5 is total opacity.
You may need to wear side shields before the spring starts. Check for detachable side shields.
Wear the sunglasses at the stores for quite sometime to feel the comfort level. Pay attention to ear stems and the nose bridge, because these are the places where you feel uncomfortable with frames that misfit.
The temple grip is adjustable in most pieces. Some are even spring loaded.
Check for non fogging lens for Snow goggles which are also made in anatomical designs which fit the wearer perfectly.

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