If you want your boiler to be able to provide you with hot water and a warm house you are going to have to take care of it. The boiler in your house has a lot of responsibility on it and most of the time it has a lot of people depending on it to work right. Proper care and maintenance are the life of one of these systems. You have to be diligent in your responsibility to your device so it can be diligent in its service to you.

Your boiler is comprised of several different components. On the hot water supply side of the unit there is:

• A thermostat for controlling the temperature of the Cv ketel vervangen called an aqua stat

• There are gas valves and burners that make up the combustion assembly that is charged with heating the water

• There is a valve called a water feed valve that controls the water entering the boiler

• There is a gauge that will show you the pressure and temperature of the device

• There will be a pressure reducing valve that maintains the correct amount of water pressure in the device

• There is an air vent in place to automatically remove unwanted air trapped in a hydronic system

• There is an expansion tank that has room in it so that as the water heats and expands there is room to hold it

• The flow control valve regulates the flow of the heated water leaving the boiler

• There is a pressure relief valve so that you can reduce the amount of pressure in the boiler if need be

On the hot water return side things are much simpler. On this side there are two components:

• The circulator that circulates the water throughout the system with the use of an electric pump

• There is a drain valve that allows you to remove all of the water in the boiler

Some of the ways that you can take care of your boiler are:

• Establishing a service and maintenance routine. Either hires a service company to come test the device and make certain that it is working properly, or you can do these checks for yourself.

• Fix a problem while it is small. When the service technician tells you that you have a small problem does not put the repairs off. Small problems become large problems.

• Know the pressure that your unit is supposed to operate at and check the pressure gauge to make certain that it is maintaining the correct amount.

Most of the time if you do your own service on these items you will have to call a service technician if you find a problem. When you hire a service company to come and check the unit for you on a regular basis they will know what your unit was doing the last time and they will be able to recommend things that it may be time to replace or troubleshoot. These yearly maintenance calls from professionals will save you costly repairs and replacements.


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