Choose the Right Drug Treatment Program

When you are calling to learn more about a drug treatment program, there are a few notes you should have in front of you. You will want a list that contains the addict’s age, duration of drug use, and the amount and drugs of choice. With this information, a alcohol withdrawal timeline treatment specialist will be able to provide you with more specific details about the programs open to your loved one.

The age of the drug user is important because teenage addicts are treated differently from adult addicts. If the drug addict is a senior citizen, then he or she will not be able to participate in the general exercise program. Any medical and mental issues or disabilities should also be revealed to the intake counselor because they may also affect which treatment is best for the addict. The drug history of the addict is also very important to share because the treatment center must be aware of any possible withdrawal concerns. The severity of the withdrawal symptoms is determined by the duration of use and the drug type.

If a drug treatment program is not licensed and accredited and is not manned by qualified, experienced staff, then that center should not be on your list of possible treatment options. Some centers will be run by former users themselves, and this person’s shared experience can be of great benefit to a recovering addict.

You should also not feel intimidated when asking about the facility’s success statistics or their program methods. A reputable drug treatment program with a proven history of effectiveness will not have a problem responding to your questions. In fact, they will strongly encourage you to take the time to come up with questions and then follow-up with you later to see if you have any concerns or questions.

Usually, good, drug treatment programs are not free. In fact, they are generally kind of expensive. Many of them will work with your insurance companies and even offer payment plans. With the help of these guidelines, you should be able to limit your choices to a top four or five drug treatment program list and possibly an even smaller list.


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