Wedding is the event for which you have been waiting for your early teens or even before; usually girls from their early age, start dreaming about their wedding; their prince charming or their silk wedding gown. And wedding planners are taught to get their dreams come true in their wedding planning course. Whenever you plan for a wedding always keep one thing in your mind, that this is going to be a life time memorable day for a person so it has to be perfectly arranged. In a wedding planning course, students are trained to arrange the event by focusing few important points, which you should never forget.

Budget; it is the most important point for arranging any event. You can plan your event according to the budget you are having. So determine your budget before you start planning further. Usually the half of the budget is spent on the reception that includes site, food and drink table décor, so keep half of your budget for the reception. Half is spent on the rest of the arrangements.

Time and date; you should select the date for the event 9 to 12 months before the event so you would have enough time to think and arrange a Equipment Rental good event. You need to do arrangements for caterers, music, dresses, make up, guests, invitation cards etc in the specific time frame, so you should have a reasonable time span to make good arrangements.

Guest list; make a list of the guests; collect their address and phone numbers; you should know the number of the guest to make seating and food arrangements; if there are any guests coming from out of the town, you need to make arrangements for their stay.

Venue; this is also a very important thing to plan; select a good place for the event and make sure the place you are selecting for the event is specious enough to accommodate your guests; the place should be comfortable for all type and age group of people. When you select a venue, make estimate of timing from the church to the reception.

Invitation cards; this is a very sensitive issue for many people; make sure to get the cards printed in time; send the cards about 10 days before the event so they can prepare for the event; make sure you write correct spelling of guests’ names; some people are really very sensitive about this.

Dress; select the design at least 6 months before the event; if you order your dress late, you might face problem of fitting that cannot be altered within time.

Caterers; hire good caterers in the town; consult other friends who have recently had experience.

Music; music should be good enough to make everyone enjoy; the person is a teenager or your grandparents.

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