Are you a Real Estate Investor? Do you own multiple homes, apartments, condos, or real estate developments? Do you want to be able to protect these assets and possibly save money along the way? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need to pay attention as we talk about the benefits of surveillance systems for your investments.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Now I cannot guarantee that your insurance company will provide this benefit White label crowdfunding software Singapore; however a lot of insurance companies provide premium discounts if you protect your property with a surveillance system. A good thing to do before purchasing your surveillance system is to talk with your insurance agent and find out what kind of discounts they might offer. Often times they may have certain stipulations you need to adhere to for the discount; these stipulations may include professional installation or live monitoring, so it is a good idea to have this knowledge in hand.

Visual Deterrent & Recorded Protection

By having a surveillance system installed that is visible and even posted with signs you are creating an atmosphere where criminals are far less likely to act. In fact just by having the visual deterrent you are making your property a far less tempting target to trespassers and other nefarious characters. In addition to being visually deterring your are further protecting your investments with recorded evidence that can be used to prosecute offenders should they attempt to violate your establishment. This double threat of a system decreases your chances of being victimized greatly, and provides a means to quickly act should something happen.

Higher Quality & Happier Tenants

By having a surveillance system your making sure that your tenants will feel safer in their homes; this in turn makes for happier and more respectful tenants. Additionally when interviewing new possible tenants you can make sure they are aware of the surveillance system, this will help weed out less desirable tenants who might not be as respectful of your property. It should be noted however that you will not want to put any surveillance equipment in areas where privacy is expected, but only in public areas. Otherwise you run the risks of legal actions and possible unflattering stigmas related to your properties.

Remote Access & Central Station Monitoring

With the advent of remote networking and remote access on surveillance DVR’s, the ability to quickly and efficiently monitor your assets is easier than ever. Whether you want to access your surveillance systems on your phone, computer, or tablet; this can all be accomplished now as long as you have some form of internet connection at your DVR.

On top of all this there are DVRs with what is known as CMS (Central Monitoring Software), that makes monitoring multiple locations at once a breeze. So if you own multiple pieces of property or have large real estate investments, you can quickly access all of them at once on your home or business system. This applies regardless of distance between you DVRs; so if you have real estate in multiple countries or states you are still covered.



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